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Pride Frisco provides resources to and resource-coordination for our LGBTQIA+ community through scholarships, professional sources, and strategic partnerships with supportive organizations.


Pride Frisco
Mark Rangel-Adams LGBTQIA+ Memorial Scholarship

The Pride Frisco Mark Rangel-Adams LGBTQIA+ Memorial Scholarship is established through the Frisco Education Foundation (FEF) and awards annually two (2) graduating Frisco ISD seniors to further their post-secondary education in university, community college, or vocational settings.

Applications are open through December 21, 2023 at 4 PM

Pictured: Whitney June (Mark's best friend) & J.J. Rangel-Adams (Mark's husband) posing with a biography of Mark Rangel-Adams, presented to recipients of the Memorial Scholarship annually

First Scholarship Recipients

Pictured: (Back) Whitney June, J.J. Rangel-Adams, Jon and Justin Culpepper, Co-Founders of Pride Frisco

Pictured: (Front) Brynn Peralta (She/They) & Lee Boggs (They/Them), first Memorial Scholarship recipients


LGBTQIA+ Youth Rights in Schools

Meet our Presenters

Correcting Identity Documents

Resource Organizations for the LGBTQIA+ Community and Allies

The following section contains relevant, actionable content provided by long-standing, trusted, professional resource organizations. We encourage you to take time to visit their websites, which have extensive resources on a range of LGBTQIA+ topics.

LGBTQIA+ Resource Organizations

From their website:

As GLSEN was founded by a group of teachers in 1990, we knew that educators play key roles in creating affirming learning environments for LGBTQ youth. But as well as activating supportive educators, we believe in centering and uplifting student-led movements, which have powered initiatives like the Day of Silence, Ally Week, and more. We conduct extensive and original research to inform our evidence-based solutions for K-12 education. Today, after over 25 years of leading the movement, GLSEN’s national network is more than 1.5 million strong, with students, families, educators, and education advocates working to create safe schools. More than 500,000 GLSEN resources are downloaded by students and educators each year.

Lambda Legal 50 logo.png


Connect with Keynote Speakers
2023 Pride Frisco Festival

LGBTQIA+ people need fierce advocates who are unafraid to journey shoulder-to-shoulder with us every day, motivated by a deep and abiding love for our community. Each of our keynote speakers is a mom-warrior who is changing the world so that LGBTQIA+ communities everywhere can thrive. I am thrilled for parents of LGBTQIA+ youth in Frisco and the Dallas-Fort Worth area to hear their stories and know that they are not alone.

– Jon Culpepper, Co-Founder & Board VP and Treasurer, Pride Frisco


Mandy Giles

Pride is about truth, joy, and community, and I can’t wait to experience it all at the Pride Frisco Festival this year! It’s a huge honor to be a keynote speaker, and in my work supporting transgender kids and their families, I know how important it is to be loud for those who can’t speak out and to be visible for those who have to stay hidden, especially in Texas. Pride is a celebration, but it’s also a reminder to allies to be active in the fight for LGBTQ+ equality and to push back against hatred, discrimination, and violence. Joy is an act of resistance, and I can’t wait to meet all the joyful parents of queer kids at Pride Frisco!

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Liz Dyer

I'm so excited and honored to be a part of Pride Frisco this year. As a proud mom of a gay son, Pride events are especially meaningful to me. In addition to being a time to wholeheartedly celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, Pride is also an opportunity for me to reflect on the hardships LGBTQ+ people have endured over the years, remember all they have overcome and achieved, and recognize and recommit to the work that still needs to be done so all LGBTQ+ people can live as their true self without hesitation or fear.

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Sara Cunningham

Founder, Free Mom Hugs

My hope is that my story and presence would give parents reason to search the LGBTQ matter out, because when we do, we find our LGBTQ family and friends are a gift to this world worth celebrating. And to my fellow allies, let us be found strong and faithful. Pride means we don't have to hide anymore. Shine Bright.

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Additional LGBTQIA+ Resources

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